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Did you accidentally format SD card? If your response is yes then it’s a heartbreaking moment for you. This sort of incidence is very common to all SD card users and only few of them know how to manage this situation. All SD users believe that the files present in SD card are always safe but the hidden fact is such files are not secure and get lost at any period of time. In such stage, files remain on the same place but they become inaccessible. Thus, recovery of formatted SD card is very important for you. If you are looking for format SD card recovery software and want to get complete details about that tool means simply go with this article.

As soon as you format SD card, your significant files get lost within fraction of seconds. It is an intolerable situation for you to guess the amount of information loss happened to you. To restore your helpful files, you might begin to search for the affordable tool on internet. But what happens if you fail to get such utility even after wasting your valuable time. Is it unimaginable? It is hard to think it but don’t worry here is good news for you. Now it is easy to perform format SD card recovery by means of Remo Recover utility. It will scan all sectors of SD card and restore all files with few clicks of mouse. It supports recovery of audio file formats like MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR, RA, etc. It authorizes you to get back formatted SD card data on Windows and Mac OS of all editions.

Let us walkthrough some circumstances result in SD card formatting:

  • SD card corruption: If SD card gets damaged as a result of scenarios like using it in many cameras or sudden power failure while transferring files, etc. This in turn results in data loss and to overcome this problem you might format the SD card.
  • Human mistakes: Unplanned formatting of SD card when it is connected to system or laptop for file transfer process or unplanned formatting of SD card rather than other drive are some common scenarios executed by users which ends up with data loss.
  • Virus invasion: Connecting the SD card to many computers without antivirus tool scanning, sometimes result in data loss. It is because if any of the gadgets attacked by virus, it gets transferred to SD card. Hence, for further of use of SD card, its formatting is necessary.

It does not matter how you format the SD card, in all cases use this utility to restore all files lost from SD card. Its demo edition is available for free to help all type of users to know how to unformat SD card, CF, XD and SDXC cards. You can retrieve data from SD card used in various models of cameras like Minolta, Sigma, Fujifilm, Pentax, Kodak, etc. With the assistance of this genuine utility, you are able to recover photo and video file formats like TIFF, JPEG, JPG, RAF, ORF, 3GP, RM, 3G2, AVI, etc. from memory card models like SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Lexar, etc. In addition, you can make use of this application on storage devices like flash drive, FireWire drive, external hard disk, etc. Even a normal PC user can operate this software without having much professional knowledge because of its detailed recovery process guidelines.

“I am in need of help….! I unintentionally formatted my Windows 7 PC and lost my presentation files and confidential data. This situation is intolerable for me as my seminar data is nearby and I don’t have backup files with me. I want to get out of this situation as early as possible. Unluckily, I don’t know how to perform Windows 7 data recover after format. Please anyone suggest me a nice method to execute Windows 7 formatted data recovery”.

Have you ever encountered a situation that is explained above? In case you are reading this informative article, then it is clear that you have accidentally formatted Windows 7 system. Well, no need to feel nervous because you are not the only one who is facing data loss issues due to formatting. Nevertheless, good news is that, perfect data recovery tool is available in market place called Remo Recover. It empowers you to do formatted data recovery from Windows 7 with accuracy. It will discover lost files according to their file size, created date, modified date, etc.

Let us take a look at factors responsible for formatting on Windows 7:

  • Hard disk failure: There are some situations wherein you are forced to format the disk without providing a single chance to secure significant data. In case, when you turn on Windows 7 system a popup message displays that disk cannot be loaded, do you like to format it? This type of error forces you to format Windows 7 and ends up with data loss.
  • Formatting error: Unlike other computers, Windows 7 is also vulnerable to virus infection. Hence, any type of virus attack may damage the entire drive and show formatting error message which lead to forceful formatting of Windows 7 PC and result in data loss.
  • OS re-installation: There are some instances where user decides to re-install their present OS. This needs formatting a drive of your choice and during this case if you select wrong drive containing valuable data then it result in file loss.

In these cases, you have to employ this worthy software to restore data from formatted Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It is competent to restore 300 plus files including videos, APK files, games, Zip archives, spreadsheets, songs, photos, etc. Its “Preview” option helps you to view the result details before performing real restoration process. This definitive utility is compatible with Windows 7 file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, NTFS, etc. You can use its “Save Recovery Session” option to save the recovery information, which avoids rescanning of the disk.

It is appreciated by both IT and non IT professionals and considered finest formatted data recovery utility. Additionally, it is used to retrieve data from inaccessible, reformatted, lost, deleted and corrupt Windows 7 hard drives. It will get back data lost from all modules of hard disk such as Hitachi, Seagate, Buffalo, Toshiba, etc. It supports all types of hard disks like SCSI, ATA, PATA, IDE, etc. Download its trial edition which is available for free to testify its capacities. Hence, you can evaluate the recovery chances before purchasing full edition.

Some recommended tips:

  • Install updated antivirus tool for removing viruses
  • Before using any recovery tool test its reliability
  • After formatting Windows 7 HDD don’t add new files on it

Most of the people around the world prefer USB drive when it comes to transfer essential pictures from one PC/laptop to another. Even though it has been known fact that USB drive is very safe, secure and portable in nature, but sometimes photos stored on such storage drives gets erased due to accidental formatting. Most of the users come across a prompt stating that “USB drive is not formatted, Do you want to format it now”. In such peculiar situations, if you click on yes option without thinking much, then you are gone, entire pictures of your memorable moments stored on that USB drive will be washed away within fraction of time.  What if you dent have suitable backup of photos from stored on USB drive? Don’t you feel restless? However, brace yourself!!! As there are plenty of software available over internet to restore photos from formatted USB flash drive, Remo Recover is the best one among all when it comes to recovering all types of pictures from USB drives at your fingertips.

Before knowing the complete process of formatted USB drive photo recovery, let’s walk through the main factors for formatting the pen drive, as it might help us in future to avoid severe data loss.

  • Virus infection: Most people come across severe situation when your pen drive containing precious pictures has been affected by malicious virus. However, you will be in a helpless situation when you connect the infected pen drive to system, as there might be huge chances of your pen drive is getting corrupted. In that case, formatting is the only choice left for you.
  • Third Party Tools: Various applications like defrag software, optimizer tools can also leave you in a situation where you have to format the USB drive whenever you use those third party tools improperly. In that case, if you don’t have backup then critical data loss is absolute.
  • File system corruption: Whenever you connect USB pen drive to computer, make sure that you withdrawn it after completion of read-write process. However, if you eject the pen drive in between the process is going on, then file system of your USB drive gets corrupt or damaged. So, to make it usable again you have to format it. If you have stored pictures on that pen drive then huge data loss is certain.
  • Other Factors: The instances like defrag failure, sudden system shutdown while accessing the pen drive and many more factors can lead to formatting of pen drive. In case backup of vital pictures stored on USB drive is not available, then you have to forfeit those pictures.

No matter how you have formatted the USB drive, the end result is huge loss of your memorable pictures. To overcome such crisis, Remo Recover is the best solution for you. This software is capable enough to recover pictures formatted, reformatted, corrupt, damaged, inaccessible pen drives of all brands that are available in the market. In addition to pen drive, this tool is skilled enough to recover lost or deleted photos from computer or laptop hard drives, memory cards, Firewire drives, external hard drives, solid state drives. The best feature of this tool is, its effectiveness as it can recover more than 300 types of files including pictures of GIF, PNG, BMP formats from USB drive.

Quite often you would have faced scenario of display of an error message indicating that the partition is not acceptable and need format. If user is ignorant enough to blindly follow such instruction, then there can be huge loss of data. User should think before taking any action in computer to ensure safety of partition. When I faced a quick format scenario I was quite confused about any possible breakthrough which can recover my entire partition. Fortunately, friend of mine suggested me to use software named Remo Recover to get back the lost partition. I applied the software in compute and I was once again able to access the crucial files stored in partition. Quick format is only recommended when there is sever corruption leading to improper functioning of computer; without maintaining any backup of data user should keep themselves away from such processes. How user can take measures to avoid situations like Quick Format and more? To know more keep on reading.

As told backup of partition is essential to get back data; backup of data should be maintained in external drive, pen drives, memory card or even in different computers. Secondly, user should use seconday power source to provide secondary power source to computer in times of power loss. This timely backup of power, avoids partition from getting damaged and alerts user to save any unsaved files or application which were otherwise doomed to be lost without secondary power source. User make use of only recommended and trustworthy software to ensure that the files in computer remain safe; any non trusted software used in computer can possibly lead to loss of partition without any prior notification. Also, usage of antivirus software is a recommended procedure to ward off any possible harmful content away from computer which is more commonly known as virus. Option of periodic scanning provided in antivirus software removes such harmful content to save partition from getting corrupted. This periodic scanning can be administered to be on weekly, daily or even monthly basis.

All these measures require meticulous work to ensure partition is safe and away from any possible corruption. Usually users in their busy schedule forget to follow such measures and end up losing partition after Quick format. Usage of third party application like Remo Recover comes as a blessing to get back the partition and is less tiresome to follow too.

Remo Recover software uses strong set of coding and algorithm to restore partition after quick format in an error free way. User can experience recovery of individual files, complete drives, folders and application after using this software. Remo Recover is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. While file preview helps user to have a glance of files to be restored, save recovery session is a lucrative way to pause and play the recovery session. Software can be used to recover all forms of external storage media too. In addition to data recovery post quick format, data recovery post reformat is also supported by this software.

No doubt Windows 8 PC has attracted lot of users around the world due to illustrious graphical way of using computer. The bigger tablets, additional applications and internet use in the software makes it a next generation OS. But, how about a crash, have you ever faced or at least imaged such a situation? If not, then its time to be informed regarding this serious issue. Although Windows 8 is designed to withstand various unwanted circumstances, OS crash is still an unsolved issue. But once data gets inaccessible user can always restore the data by making use of third party application.

How to choose software which meets user’s need of data recovery? User should look into various aspects of data selection like positive user comments and the software’s reputability. It should be informative for user to understand that even after a data gets deleted or lost; it actually still remains inside the computer memory though it is invisible. By using the techniques of using restoration software user can get back data even after worst hit scenarios like Windows crash. Remo Recover is the kind of software which every user should look forward to install in computer to get back lost data.

Remo Recover holds features essential for day to day recovery of data from Windows system. This software meant for windows 8 recovery after crash takes every care not to damage the files to be recovered. This is ensured by the incorporation of top algorithm and robust coding used to recover data. Software can be used along with Windows 7, Vista, XP and also with older versions like Windows 2003. Remo Recover is capable to restore data from not only computer drive but also from external storage media like memory card, pen drive and external hard drive. Software is guaranteed to be virus free and tested a large number of times to ensure perfect recovery. Features like file preview is a very lucrative way to restore data by having a peek into the data to be restored after Windows crash; this way user can restore data in a rapid manner.

Error can happen from event an expert computer user. User would like to make changes in BIOS settings, but any unethical change can bring sever problem and eventually result in data loss. Also, with time formation of bad sector can happen which can be a leading cause for data loss. Moreover, user would have installed application in computer which is unreliable in nature; such installations can lead to severe loss of data erupting out of sudden Windows 8 corruption. Above all virus attack is the most frightening of all resulting in huge loss of data. Crash due to virus attack is unpredictable in nature and has only one solution named antivirus. Installation of such software is a positive measure but incomplete without periodic monitoring of the same. Apart from this usage of above mentioned software is helpful in restoring data out of cases like formatting and deletion.

There was an enormous collection of office party videos, farewell functions, family photos, audio and other documents on my Windows computer. Few days ago, while working with my system I encountered an error message stating “your drive needs to be formatted, do you want to format it now?”  I was confused and without much thinking I clicked on “Yes” option and had lost all data from my Windows computer. Now, I need that data back at any cost. Please anyone suggest me how to get back data from formatted Windows?

 Is this situation seems your situation? If yes, then do not worry. Losing valuable data is really a painful thing and makes you feel nervous. Formatting the drive sometimes will be helpful as the process can make your system faster but at times if you forget to take backup means it ends up with loss of files. Formatting Windows system is not a big issue for anyone since lost data recovery is possible with the help of any data recovery tool. You can employ Remo Recover tool to recover files after formatting Windows hard disk, USB drive, external hard disk, memory card, iPod, etc. It will take only few minutes of time to execute lost data recovery process and save your precious time.

Most common causes for formatting Windows system:       

Virus invasion: Viruses are the unwanted programs created by unprincipled programs and are strong in damaging or breaking file system. Hence, to get rid of viruses, there is need to format the Windows hard disk and result in data loss.

Multiple OS installation: Most of the people preferred to employ various OS in their system, but to move from one OS to another you need to format the Windows disk.

Bad sectors: Bad sectors are created due to interruptions during file transfer process and these cannot be accessed by OS as a result of corruption. Hence, it makes your drive inaccessible and forces you to format it.

Other causes: Reformatting errors, FAT table corruption, OS crash, system errors, slow running Windows system, etc.

Whenever you format your Windows system, then immediately stop using the system for storing files. This can avoid overwriting of files and increases the chance of data recovery. However, in any of above said scenarios you have to make use of this specialized tool to retrieve data from formatted Windows computer. It will retrieve any file type including documents, APK files, ZIP files, videos, images from numerous types of hard disks like SCSI, SSD, PATA, IDE, etc. It scans formatted Windows hard disk theoretically to identify and restore lost data in just matter of few minutes.

Different brands of hard disk including Seagate, Hitachi, iOmega, LaCie, Toshiba, etc. are recovered without any difficulty. In addition to this, it lets you to add or modify signatures of files which are not listed and is compatible with file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. It is powered with many options like “Save Recovery session”, “Open Recovery Session” and finally “Preview” which makes data recovery process very simple. You can make use of this product to bring back data from crashed hard drive. Use its demo version to check its real time recovery results. In case, you feel happy with the outcome, then purchase its licensed version.

XD card is a type of memory card which is used to hoard up digital media files. It has huge data stocking capability. One can use this electronic chip in mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, etc. It is accepted by people duet to its compact size and is accessible on laptops, desktops containing various OS for storing or transferring files. However, most of the times, it may refuse to provide access to the data in it and due to which users format the card resulting in data loss. In such critical stage, there arises a question how to recover formatted XD card?

No need to worry, sometimes the same thing happened with you too. You can recover files from XD card as they were before. But to achieve this, you need to stop using the device further because if you do so, data gets overwritten with new files. Hence, without bothering about lost files, you need to employ the most appreciated tool called Remo Recover. It has grabbed many awards from experts and is recognized as finest data recovery utility. This spectacular software can recover data from formatted XD card, SD, MMC, CF and Mini SD cards of manufacturing brands such as Lexar, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, HP, etc.

Circumstances for formatting XD card are listed below:

Format error: It is the common scenario for formatting XD card. This error message arises during XD card corruption. In such case, without having other option you have to format it.

Virus infection: Viruses enter your XD card due to connecting it to many computers. Finally, viruses damage file system of XD card and thus it becomes corrupt. Hence, to use the device further you have to format it.

Sudden removal of XD card: Abruptly removing the XD card during file transfer process results in minor error messages and ends up with the memory card corruption. These errors can be fixed by formatting the XD card.

Other causes: Accidental formatting, intended formatting, formatting the XD card on digicam, XD card not displayed error message, etc.

It will restore files such as videos, audio, excel sheets, text files, images, etc. from formatted SD card. It can do formatted XD card recovery and absolutely runs fine on Windows and Mac systems. This basic tool is comprised with scanning algorithms that scan the internal structure of formatted XD card and identify over 280 various file types. It is designed with simple user interface which is understood even by a no-voice user. The benefit of using this software is, it will not modify the original data and the device during the file recovery operation and recreates the same data on numerous path directed by the user.

You can make use of this tremendous application to recover data from formatted, deleted, lost and damaged XD card. It will give you the choice to add and search fresh file signatures which are not listed. Immediately after completion of XD card file recovery process, one can save their disk space by generating a compressed Zip archive of the restored files as well as folders. XD card used in all brands of digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Leica, Fujifilm and Casio are recovered by means of this non-destructive utility.

Preventive steps:

Make good practice of using XD card properly

Always scan your memory card with updated antivirus tool on regular basis

Follow “Safe to remove hardware” instruction to eject the XD card

Problem in computer are part and parcel of every day usage. But user should be able to identify these flaws and take necessary action to cope the problem. Let’s take an example and understand how to cope the problem. Data stored in computer are internally stored in hard drives. These various drives are named in different alphabets and one drive may mean differently to user than the other depending on what is stored in the drive. Now, suppose user is interested in formatting a particular drive say C drive. But, if selects another drive by mistake and initiates the formatting process then all the data stored in that drive gets lost forever. This problem can in fact be coped by user by utilizing recovery software. Now, knowledge of making proper choice of recovery software is also essential to ensure the data lost is recovered perfectly.

I personally used Remo Recover software to get back data post format of hard drive in computer. The recovery was fast and error free in nature. I mainly chose this software due to its good rating and user comment base. So, if the reader is thinking of choosing software for data restoration, then the above mentioned parameters are very crucial to have good software.

Remo Recover is capable to recover data from formatted hard drive as well post reformatted drive. Files of tiny stature or gigantic sized files are also restorable using this top quality software. File preview is one of the best features introduced in this software to help users to make appropriate choice of files to get recovered; this is performed conversely by visualizing to the user a part of data. Remo Recover is fitted with top graphical user interface and is designed in such a way that mere beginner users understand the recovery process in a very fast manner. Next attractive feature of this software is that files from various background are restorable by using this elite software such as audio, video, document, application and photo files. Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system used in computer.

Data once formatted or reformatted are restored by the above mentioned software is now a well know fact. But do you that there are various cases which converge to format or reformat operation. Format operation due to accident is common. Next, common case is format due to operating system upgrade. If user is desirous of upgrading the operating system, then it should be understood that there will be series of questions which will be prompted to user and this also includes a question on format. Now, suppose user blindly says yes to format, and then the aftermaths of the operation should be clear to the reader. Unwanted format can also happen if user is considering conventional means to remove corruption from external hard drive. But, if user selects another drive like the one mentioned above then the internal data will get lost. In all such cases remember the name of Remo Recover and you will be out of that problematic maze.

These days cameras are embedded with user care features which are helpful for easy usability of memory card. But such option can sometime turn the table to wrong side and result in data loss scenario. One such commonly faced data loss scenario is accidental format. Now, suppose user is using camera and browsing through its various features. If one such unwary user blindly browses through such features and accidentally chooses a option called format. Though this process may take few minutes but at the end of such process, data will go lost forever. Formatted memory card scenario is not uncommon these days. But what if such an accident is faced by you and you end up losing hundreds of your files containing photos and videos. The video recorded from your camera and stored in memory card if are memorable, then will you like to forget those photos forever after a silly mistake like accidental format. A better user will find way to get back formatted memory card videos. The answer to this expeditious question is the usage of third party application. Again while choosing a software user should keep some points in mind like selection parameters i.e. user ratings, user feedback and popularity.

There are several software available in internet market and Remo Recover is one such software which scores well in all such parameters and is recommended by experts for video recovery from memory card. The basic principle used in the software is that even after a file gets inaccessible, data still remains hidden inside the memory card drive which is restored using top restoration technique.

Remo Recover is enhanced software using best coding and nutshell hard algorithm to ensure error free formatted memory card video recovery. Software is virus free and user can use it undoubtedly any number of time to recover videos from memory cards. Remo Recover can restore data from various memory card forms used these days namely SD, XD, SCSI and others. User will be able to get accessible files of various video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, ASF and others. This software is small sized software and usable in every computer having Windows or Mac operating system. Files of various lengths are restorable using this software consuming only few minutes of users’ precious time. Both formatted and reformatted memory card can be recovered using this high quality software. Feature called file preview is very much convenient with respect to video file restoration by providing g the user with glances of files to be restored.

Files in memory card are susceptible to format operation from not only portable devices like camera or Smartphone but can also get formatted if user makes a wrong selection in computer. This can happen if user wants to format computer drive but accidentally formats memory card connected to it. Memory card is also vulnerable to other video loss scenario like virus attack, abrupt removal or improper mounting. In all these worse scenarios Remo Recover is the recommended software to get back video files.

Ever thought of losing your precious data from Windows 8 computer? There can be gruesome scenarios which can result in severe loss of data from Windows 8 computer and user should be ready to adopt precautionary measures. Here is a eye witnessed scenario: I was interesting to upgrade from Windows 8 operating system to latest operating system released by Microsoft Corp. But the interest level went very low after a series of careless actions. The up gradation of operating system was initiated but I was prompted a question regarding format of my Sony Vaio Windows 8 computer. I gave yes to all the prompted questions and eventually lost large number of files due to format operation. This was shocking because I never intended to lose all those files from my computer. I made an extensive search to recover my files from computer and finally came across software named Remo Recover (Windows). I applied the software in my computer; it healed my entire computer and I got back my lost files.

Here are the steps followed by me to restore Sony Vaio Windows 8. I downloaded software in computer, installed and launched it in computer. Next, I selected the drive from which recovery is required. After this I selected the drive from which restoration was to be performed. At last I check marked all those files meant for restoration, started the scanning-cum- recovery process and saved the files in computer after the process got over.

Remo Recover (Windows) brags of benign features meant for every day use. Features like save recovery session and file preview is very much helpful for smooth windows 8 sony vaio data recovery. While file preview helps user to make preview to files which are meant for restoration, save recovery session acts as pause and play feature which helps user to perform multi tasking. Software is compatible with operating system version like Windows 7, XP, 2003 and other popular versions. Files can be restored from various file systems like NTFS5, EXFAT, FAT 32 etc. with ease. It is corruption free software rendering damage free recovery of files from computer.

Data from Windows 8 computer can go lost via various diverging reasons. Virus attack tops this list, virus is harmful program which can creep inside computer from various possible sources like files downloaded from unreliable sites or data copied from USB drives. Moreover sudden closure of data in computer also leads to data loss scenarios. Sudden closure of file or application can happen via accident or due to power failure. While for the former cause it is preferred to use antivirus software. Antivirus software periodically scans for any possible virus file, traces for its origin and then discards it. For the latter cause, it is recommended to use secondary power source. Secondary power source like uninterrupted power supply gives user appropriate time to save any file or application which becomes potential items to go lost ones computer is shut down. Apart from this maintain regular back up of data in various storage media.